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    A bathroom suggesting an archeological site using architectural materials as columns, a rustic stone floor and a stone bathtub. This setting defines a bathroom in the neoclassical style.

    1Source here


    Napoleon I, emperor of the French from 1804 until 1815, was impressed by the grandeur of the Roman Empire and its classic architecture and tried to imitate this impressive style in buildings he let construct.

    It is not my intention to talk about Napoleon’s architectural achievements, but I wanted to mention Napoleon here as the bathrooms he constructed are an inspiration for the neoclassical style bathrooms I wanted to talk about today. Nowadays a lot of designers are influenced by these neoclassical style bathrooms.

    The elegant and ‘rich’ neoclassical bathrooms of years gone by, were rediscovered by designers of today and came back into fashion. In lots of luxury hotels we see bathrooms redesigned in the neoclassical style.


    As I was preparing a client’s bathroom in this neoclassical ‘French Empire’ style, I came across some beautiful pictures, a source of inspiration to start designing the bathroom I had in mind.

    The ‘French Empire’ style is based on the ancient Greek and Roman art, but also influenced by the ancient Egyptian art and culture. The style is also characterized by a symmetric, rectangular and austere design.

    Bringing in classic architectural elements as columns, the use of stone and marble flooring, all kind of marble wall covering (even faux marble can be used), fragments of plaster fresco’s and Roman friezes, cuban mahogany furniture, shiny fabrics as silk, satin, damask and velvet, bronze fittings and ornaments as rosettes, laurel wreaths, palm branches, lotus flowers, acanthus leaves, gods and goddesses, Egyptian heads, herm, sphynxes, swans, lions heads, dolphins, eagles, griffins, lyres, shield and swords, are all characteristics of the French Empire style and often seen in neoclassical style bathrooms.

    Next to all these elements, there is the specific bathtub which definitely is the eyecather. Those bathtubs are usually free standing (It is said that Napoleon took his bathtubs to the battlefields). The original bathtubs are hand carved from one single large block of marble and a lot of them have a front side decorated with two carved rings.

    Marble bathtub

    Original French marble bathtub


    The Imperial bathtub that Napoleon had constructed at the Palazzo Pitti, in Florence.

    18Source here


    Napoleon loved spending time taking a bath while reading.

    19Source here


    The world’s largest bathtub at the thermae of Caracalla (nickname of Antoninus, 22nd Emperor of the Roman Empire  – reigned from 198 until 217) at the Boboli Gardens, a park behind the Palazzo Pitti in Florence - Italy, that is home to a collection of sculptures dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries, with some Roman antiquities. The Baths of Caracalla were built in Rome between 212 and 216.

    20Source here


    Antique Italian marble bath in the Venetian bathroom at the castle of Axel Vervoordt.

    5Source here


    Neoclassical bathroom setting by Axel Vervoordt.

    7Image source  ‘Timeless Interiors’ by Axel Vervoordt


    Marble bathtub in a London townhouse. Interior design by Rose Uniacke.

    11Source here


    Bathroom of Belgian antiques dealer and interior designer Brigitte Garnier.

    12Source Brigitte Garnier


    Marble bath in one of the rooms of the Blakes Hotel London.

    16Source here



    Where to find these antique or new made seductive pieces of marble ?

    FD1 Found at 1stdibs

    't AcherhuisFound at ‘t Achterhuis

    Deknock Found at Deknock

    les tresors de rackham Found at Les Tresors de Rackham

    Stone Tubs Found at Stone Tubs

    GrantsFound at Grants Marble


    Next to the marble stone bathtubs, we even notice lots of copper and zinc bathtubs. These tubs became very popular in mid 19th century. This bath was the product of the tinsmith's craft, a shell of sheet copper or zinc. Some of them have a boat shaped design and are called ‘bateau’ tubs. In the late 19th century was invented a process for bonding porcelain enamel to cast iron, a process that remains broadly the same to this day.

    Boat shaped antique copper tub

    Original boat shaped copper bathtub


    An amazing copper bathtub on a stone socle in a bathroom designed by French decorator Frédéric Méchiche.

    2Source here


    Bathroom by Axel Vervoordt.

    8Image source  ‘Timeless Interiors’ by Axel Vervoordt


    Gorgeous neoclassical bathroom design by Barry Dixon.

    6Source here


    Design by Douglas Mackie.

    9Source here


    Eclectic bathroom with a zinc bathtub.

    10Source here


    Copper bathtub originally from the South of France.

    13Source Magazine The World of Interiors November 2012 – Photo credit Eric Morin


    Napoleon bathtub that has a tin lining with a carved stone exterior. The base is a wood molding with great patina and gold decoration.

    15Source here


    A zinc tub in a bathroom designed by Polyedre.

    17Source here



    Where to find these antique or new made bathtubs ?

    FD2Found at 1stdibs

    FD3Found at 1stdibs

    Waterworks 1Clothilde tub, found at Waterworks

    Waterworks 2Margaux tub, found at Waterworks

    HomethangsFound at Homethangs

    T&BFound at Taps & Baths


    Neoclassical Style Bathroom Design by me for Lefèvre Interiors

    Lefèvre Interiors Bathroom Design neoclassical style





    If you would like us to design your bathroom, feel free to contact us at

    For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website

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  • 04/05/15--00:31: Happy Easter !

    Wishing you all a Happy Easter !

    2015-04-02_100414Image source here


    2015-04-02_100611Image source here




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  • 04/08/15--06:49: Home Offices

    Which one would be your favorite home office ?


    7Image source here


    2Image source here


    14Image source here


    3Beatrixx Kleuver


    13Cullman & Kravis


    1Marcus Soudant Interiors


    4Brigitte Garnier– Photo credit Claude Smekens Fotografie 


    10Source here


    15Source Pinterest


    5Source here




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  • 04/15/15--14:10: Kitchen love

    Today I do hope to inspire you, sharing pictures of kitchen designs that caught my attention.

    This stunning kitchen in a restored Amsterdam historic home is realized by the Netherlands based design duo Rene van der Leest and Sigrid van Kleef of Studio Ruim. I love the contrast of the restored wood paneled walls and 18th century paintings against the contemporary kitchen furniture.

    13Interior design RUIM The Netherlands


    This Belgian kitchen is to die for and is a realisation of Belgian architects duo Alexis Herbosch and Wim Van Reeth. Neutral color palettte, use of natural wood and soft tone countertops and flooring.

    6Interior design Herbosch – Van Reeth Belgium   Photo credit Liesbet Goetschalckx


    Dark cabinetry and a concrete countertop. I never would have thought about bringing together metal and bronze as we notice here. A patinated bronze pendant together with metal-framed bistro chairs. This kitchen is realised by Milan and Moscow based architects Raboni.

    4Interior design Raboni Architetti Milano – Moscow


    Solid, stylish, custom made kitchen as an eye-cather at Molitli Interieurmakers. A combination of concrete, steel and wood.

    12Interior design Molitli Interieurmakers The Netherlands


    Rough,raw wood furnishings in combination with marble countertops and back splash in this kitchen designed by London based company Blakes. Notice the recessed space for herbs into the kitchen isle’s countertop.

    1Interior design Blakes London


    Another kitchen design by Blakes, where is opted to cover a part of the island with a sheet of brass.

    9Interior design Blakes London


    Kitchen design by Belgian architect Benoît Viaene. For this kitchen isle the architect opted to combine walnut with a very rare and exceptional marble countertop.

    5Interior design by architect Benoît Viaene Belgium


    Accents of brass, copper and chrome are added in this bespoke kitchen designed by UK based company Artichoke.

    11Interior design Artichoke UK


    Dare to use color as in this Belgian kitchen.

    2Image source Exclusive Living Belgium


    Stunning kitchen in a barn-style house on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.  Gorgeous to have this large window seat integrated in your kitchen.

    7Image source Architectural Digest– Photo credit Nikolas Koenig


    Belgian antiques dealer and decorator Axel Vervoordt used reclaimed 17th-century wood for the kitchen cabinetry in a Rome flat.

    8Interior Design Axel Vervoordt Belgium  Image source Architectural Digest - Photo credit Simon Watson


    To end this kitchen post, a charming kitchen in a West-Sussex manor house.

    3Image source JJ.Locations London


    I do hope you are inspired by this post, whatever your favorite kitchen design might be.



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    Today I would love to introduce you to the Belgian furniture company JNL.

    Since years this company offers a wide range of gorgeous contemporary furniture.


    I just love this image with the gorgeous upholstered JNL fireside chairs in a paneled room.

    JNL 1Image source JNL


    JNL bench and floor lamp.

    JNL 4Image source JNL


    JNL dining table and chairs.

    JNL 3Image source JNL


    JNL console table and armchairs.

    JNL 2Image source JNL


    To discover the complete JNL Furniture Collection, please visit JNL website 


    For more information, please contact JNL at





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    After several years working as a tv editor, mainly focused on interior design and lifestyle programs, Marie Masureel decided to start courses in interior design, to put her knowledge and her year-long passion for interiors into practice.

    Since 2008 Marie is decorating homes with a relentless enthusiasm. Additonally, she also works as a stylist for several interior design magazines.

    Marie welcomes her clients into her private home in Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium) that serves as the perfect backdrop for design inspiration.

    Weathered wood, lime paint, beautiful linen, unique antiques and pure accessories are characterizing her interiors.

    All pictures in today’s blogpost are of the private home of Marie Masureel.


    Marie’s living room with its lime painted walls, linen draperies and upholstered seats, a weathered oak built in cabinet and a timeworn coffee table top.

    In other words a typical Belgian style living room.

    Marie Masureel 3Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    Coffee table with weathered wooden top.

    Marie Masureel 4Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    A comfortable and inviting family room. Notice all windows dressed in Belgian linen.

    Marie Masureel 2Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    As me, Marie grew up in the Belgian flax growing region, which will probably declare our preference for using linen in the homes we decorate.

    Marie tells us that as a child she was always fascinated by the purple flowering flax plants. ‘Later I realized that the real beauty does not lie only in the flower but as much in the final product, the textile made from flax, the beautiful powdery linen.’  (text website Marie Masureel)


    Belgian linen upholstery.

    Marie Masureel 6Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    White paneled walls.

    Marie Masureel 13Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    The kitchen, with its clean-lined cabinets and grayed oak farm table, determines the Belgian penchant for simplification.

    Marie Masureel 8Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    These grouped candles, eye cather on the kitchen isle, bring in a pop of color into the kitchen’s neutral palette of whites, grays and browns.

    Marie Masureel 5Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    Marie loves to highlight her interiors with only a few, but well chosen and pure accessories as the pottery table lamps on the kitchen counter, the chandelier above the kitchen table or the bright colored candles on the kitchen isle.

    Marie Masureel 9Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    Beautiful pottery table lamps placed on the Belgian blue stone kitchen countertop.

    Marie Masureel 10Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    A beautiful bench vignette outside the house.

    Marie Masureel 14Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens for Magazine Landelijk Wonen


    You can call upon Marie for one of the services she has to offer :

    - Professional color and interior design advice + project realisation (in various styles)

    - Photo styling

    - Staging (advicing on how to make your home more attractive to potential buyers)


    Curious to see more of Marie’s projects? Please visit her website at

    Become a follower of Marie’s blog here

    Contact Marie Masureel at




    All pictures posted with permission of Marie Masureel and Photographer Claude Smekens

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  • 05/06/15--13:00: French doors

    My file of French style doors is still expanding. I love to collect images of French doors as a source of inspiration to design custom made Lefèvre doors for client projects.


    1Interior design Chahan Minassian   Photo by Massimo Listri via AD Italia Source here


    22Source here - Photo credit Jean-Luc Laloux  


    18Source unknown


    13Source here


    19Source Pinterest


    15 Source here


    7Source here


    12Source here


    11Source Art & Décoration Mai 2011 – Photo credit Gilles Trillard


    5Source here– Photo credit Photo Laëtitia & Philippe Rissetto


    16Source Magazine Juliette & Victor n°31- 2012  - Photo credit Louis-Philippe Breydel


    8Source here

    4Source unknown


    9Source here


    The following images are of custom made doors by Lefèvre Interiors

    Lefèvre 2French style oak door - Lefèvre Interiors


    Lefèvre 1French style oak door - Lefèvre Interiors


    Lefèvre 3French style oak door with patina – Lefèvre Interiors


    Lefèvre 4French style oak door with patina – Lefèvre Interiors


    If you would like us to design your French style doors, feel free to contact us at

    For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website



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    I am absolutely sure that a lot of you are familiar with the furniture, designed by Eileen Gray and do love some of her iconic design pieces as the E-1027 table and her Transat chair. As an admiror of her work, since several years, I collected books and articles about Eileen and her design work. Not so long ago I came across an interesting article appeared in the December 2010 issue of the magazine The World of Interiors, titled ‘Souvenirs of a Pioneer’. In this article Peter Adam, British filmmaker and author, who was a long-time friend of Eileen Gray, reveals some of the personal belongings of the designer. He also published a book about the designer, titled ‘Eileen Gray, Her Life and Work’ (first published in 2009 by Thames & Hudson).

    The architect’s table and the plan chest of Eileen Gray, both unique pieces pictured in this article, and now belonging to Peter Adam, caught my attention !

    Eileen Gray personal architect's tableEileen Gray’s personal architect’s table with miscellaneous objects she displayed in her Paris flat or in her house in the south of France, as her cigarette case and a stone found on the beach. Source The World of Interiors December 2010 – Photo credit : Eric Morin


    It is not my intention to write an extensive article about the life and work of Eileen Gray today, as there is so many to read and to see about this designer. However I wanted to give you a short introduction to this iconic designer.

    Eileen Gray (1) Eileen Gray photographed by Berenice Abbott, Paris 1926  Source here

    Eileen Gray (1878 –1976) was born into a wealthy Scottish-Irish family in County Wexford, Ireland. She was the youngest of five and daughter of James Maclaren Gray, an amateur artist who encouraged her artistic interests. Eileen underwent her studies, first at Slade School of Fine Art in London, then to Académie Julian and the Académie Colarossi in Paris before returning to Slade.

    In 1900 she went on her first visit to Paris with her mother where she saw the Exposition Universelle, a World’s fair that celebrated the achievements of the past century.

    Gray moved to Paris in 1906 to an apartment where she remained for much of her working life. A few years later she opened up a small shop in Paris, Jean Desert, to exhibit and sell her work and that of her artist friends.

    She was a furniture designer, architect and a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture (the term is often applied to modernist movements at the turn of the 20th century).

    After WWII, Eileen Gray was almost forgotten by the design industry. But her work, that traverses the Art Deco period and the modern movement, got rediscovered in the 70’s by lovers of design like Andrée Putman (French interior and product designer, 1925 – 2013).


    Eileen’s E-1027 table (1926-29) is one of the most popular design icons of the 20th century. Originally conceived as a night table or simply for people who “breakfast in bed,” it was later also used as a side table in living rooms. Its origin as a night table explains the asymmetrical shape. The ring at the base could be pushed under the bed and, thanks to the opening, can fit around the foot of the bed; the height of the tabletop allows adjustment for the thickest down quilts and can double up as a tray.

    It is named after the summer house E 1027, Maison en Bord de Mer at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, that Eileen Gray built for herself and for her collaborator, Jean Badovici. The secret code-name comes from her: E is for Eileen, 10 for Jean (J is the 10th letter of the alphabet), 2 for B(adovici) and 7 for Gray (G is the 7th letter on the alphabet).

    E-1027 tableE-1027 table, circa 1926-29, designed by Eileen Gray  Source here


    Another of her classic designs is the transat chair (1925-30) that was designed for use on the terrace of Eileen's house E1027 at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

    Transat chairTransat chair, circa 1925-30, designed by Eileen Gray  Source here


    The ‘E-1027 house’ in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in the south of France, on which Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici (Romanian architect and writer) started working in 1924 (they were lovers at the time when built). The house was completed in 1929. Since years the French government has been working on the renovation of the house and it is hoped that the house will be open to the public very soon.

    E-1027 House Source here

    Eileen also designed another house in the south of France, named ‘Tempe à Pailla’ (completed in 1934). Both of her houses are examples of the spirit of the Modern Movement.


    Coming back to the story in the article of The World of Interiors, where Peter Adam tells about a few of Eileen’s personal belongings he kept, and which he uses daily, feeling that her spirit is still with him.

    Peter Adam with architect's table of Eileen GrayPeter Adam, personal friend of Eileen Gray, standing behind the architect’s table, on which the designer did all her drawings.   Source The World of Interiors December 2010 – Photo credit : Eric Morin

    Wouldn’t you love to own this gorgeous and unique architect’s table, with visible traces, spots of ink or paint, that are witness of many years of design work ?

    Detail architect's tableClearly visible traces of the many years of design work the designer did on her architect’s table.


    Actually I wanted to pay extra attention to this personal plan chest of Eileen Gray. It was designed by Eileen and made in 1926, for her own use. It was not one to sell !

    Eileen Gray personal plan chestPlan chest designed by Eileen, which stood in her Paris apartment. Source The World of Interiors December 2010 - Photo credit : Eric Morin  

    This plan chest stood in the workroom of her Paris apartment in the Rue Bonaparte and it is a companion piece of her architect’s table on which she did all her designs. It is now belonging to Peter Adam, film maker and author and personal friend of Eileen.

    In the chest are still some original architectural drawings and it still contains keys, nails and other things that the designer labelled. One drawer is divided up in different sections, neatly labelled for their purpose in her own handwriting : vis (screws), clous (nails), trucs de toute sorte (all sorts of things).

    Plan chest insideSource Book ‘Eileen Gray, Her Life and Work’, by Peter Adam

    It is made of plain oak, and is well-proportioned and well-scaled, which was always a primary concern of Eileen Gray when designing furniture.

    The top is screwed to the base and can be easily removed. It stands on wheels to allow it to be moved without difficulty.

    Some drawers can be locked, others not. Apparantly it is a simple plan chest, but one being full of surprises : the different size of the drawers and the asymmetrical arrangement of the handles, which all add interest and individuality.

    I am actually wondering if anyone has ever been thinking about re-editing this gorgeous piece of furniture ???

    It carries the hallmarks of the designer : practicality, functionality and subdued elegance.

    Eileen was incapable of designing a banal or dull object. In her hands the most ordinary became extraordinary. She pursued her ideas about furniture with a rare and uncompromising force which made every piece unique. She liked things to work well, things that are nice to live with. ‘Furniture that surround us have to be tamed, like domestic animals’, Eileen said.


    Eileen Gray (2)Eileen Gray photographed in 1975 in her Paris apartment on the Rue Bonaparte, her main home since 1907. She died there, aged 98, in 1976.  Source The World of Interiors December 2010 




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  • 05/21/15--12:55: Sun rooms

    Who could resist spending some time in one of these charming sun rooms?

    They’re a great addition to any home and are perfect for relaxing at any time of the day.

    Today, for you, some gorgeous sun rooms to drool over.

    Enjoy !

    3Image source here


    11Image source here


    10Image source here   Photo :Claude Smekens Fotografie


    12Image source here   Photo : Paul Costello


    1Interior design Furlow Gatewood   Image source here   Photo : Paul Costello


    8Image source here   Photo : Bernard Touillon


    9Interior designLefèvre Interiors   Photo : Claude Smekens Fotografie




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    Francis D’Haene is a New York City based architect and designer, born in Belgium (Kortrijk). He completed his studies at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Brussels and in the early 90 's he arrived in New York with the intention to make an internship for a few months, but never returned to Belgium.

    Between 1991 and 1996 he was working as a freelancer for several renown architects. In 1996, he started his own office D'Apostrophe (I can imagine that Francis had to spell his name a thousand times, saying “d apostrophe haene”) with only 1 employee. Nowadays his office is employing more than 10 employees.

    For about 20 years Francis D’Haene designs prestigious houses, apartments and galleries in New York and beyond.

    Belgian connection remained as in 1997 he was commissioned to design the interior of the apartment of the Belgian art dealer Christophe Van de Weghe and a few years later, he was asked to design the private Hampton country house for his Belgian friend Vincent Herbert, CEO of Belgian bakery chain ‘Le Pain Quotidien'.

    He got a lot of attention from the art world people, as from the art dealer Stellan Holm, who runs a gallery on Madison Avenue, and for who Francis has not only decorated his art gallery but even his private residence.

    Following Van de Weghe and Holm, more names from the international art world came knocking at the door of this Belgian architect and designer.

    Francis D’Haene also started projects 'from scratch’, from demolition to the construction, the design and finish of the project.

     Note : All images are of the website of d’Apostrophe Design, except otherwise mentioned

    Private residence of art dealer Stellan Holm.
    Bigfoot table by Philipp Mainzer - Hans Wegner chairs - Ceiling lamp by Bruno Munari

    In an interview published in the Belgian Magazine ‘Sabato’ (April 2012), the architect defines his style as'minimal ' but certainly not 'minimalist'.

    He loves a simple design that is not too austere or severe. He has a preference for primary forms and compact volumes. He doesn’t want to create copy-paste interiors, but wants every home to be unique.

    In the choice of furniture, Francis always tries to make a mix of contemporary, mid century and antique pieces. And he opts for well-designed, quality-driven European furniture and products.

    He creates warmth by bringing in natural materials such as wood, stone and wool.

    Private residence of Stellan Holm. Brazilian wood paneled wall.
    EM table and chairs by Jean Prouvé. Seat by Hans Wegner and Serge Mouille lamps

    Architect Annabelle Selldorf collaborated with Francis D’Haene on the decoration and furnishing of the Manhattan townhouse of art dealer Christophe Van De Weghe.

    Living room with vintage Paul Evans sofas and Jean Prouvé armchair

    Office showing a Prouvé desk, a Finn Juhl chair and a Sarfatti light fixture

    One of the master suite’s walls covered with a stained oak paneling 

    Hampton house of Vincent Herbert and his wife Laurence Verbeke

    The Belgian couple, now living in New York, turned to Francis for the renovation of a 23-year-old barn-inspired hamlet house they bought as their weekend home

    Image source here 

    The architect wanted to maintain the rustic outside of the home and even added wood salvaged from a 200-year-old Canadian barn to the existing ceddar planks.

    Interior walls were knocked down and a central staircase was added. The staircase is dividing the space into a kitchen area and a dining area.

    Image source here

    To one side is the kitchen and to the other side is a dining area. 

    Kitchen with lacquer cabinetry and Corian-top island   Image source here

    Dining area with a walnut banquette and Hans Wegner chairs - Tom Dixon pendant lamps

    The master bedroom has Belgian bluestone tiles.

    Gabby Karan de Felice (daughter of Donna Karan) and her husband Gianpaolo de Felice collaborated with Francis D’Haene on the restaurant’s look of their Tribeca restaurant Tutto Il Giorno, that opened in 2014.

    The interior of the restaurant with high ceilings and cement walls.

    Image source here

    I just love the cool, pure and contemporary look of the restaurant’s interior.

    A Belgian style influence to see in the earthy tones and cement wall textures.

    Image source here

    Cement walls with artwork by the late father of Gabby Karan de Felice.

    To discover more of Francis D’Haene’s projects, please visit his website

    A visit to the d’Apostrophe office and to the restaurant Tutto Il Giorno are noted on my ‘New York must visit’ list.

    Wishing you all a warm and nice weekend !


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  • 06/05/15--06:53: Pure and simple

    Do you ever feel the need to calm down a bit, to forget worries and to move away from daily routine ?

    Rooms that emanate peace and serenity, aren’t they the most perfect getaways to relax and to meditate ?

    The pictures of the spaces here today show a pure and simple, peaceful design. Let’s see if they could help giving your mind peace and serenity.


    8 Palau de Casavells in Girona, Spain is a restored 15th century palace that is now turned into a gallery.   Image source


    14A private home in Gavi Ligure, Italy that is refurbished by Sp10 Architects.   Image source


    4Hof De Gros, a city palace in Bruges, with roots that date back to the fifteenth century, is given a contemporary update, that honors the rich history of the building. Today the magnificent palace is home to seven apartments and the office of the home owner, a businessman and avid art collector. Even the cellars were renovated. The spaces with beautiful vaults are perfect to organize receptions or concerts. Renovation by ABS Bouwteam in collaboration with Axel Vervoordt.  Image source


    5Château de Moissac in Provence, France is set above a hill-top village in the Upper Var, a sanctuary for fans of old stones. The Château de Moissac-Bellevue was, in the early 17th century, a country retreat for a noble Provençal family. It is now entirely restored. Photographers and stylists are welcome for their photo sessions for advertising, fashion, interior design. You can hire the château for your product launches or for you catalogue photo shoots. Château de Moissac is also the perfect place for all receptions, weddings, seminars or professional events.   Image source


    7Love the combination of the concrete floor, the wood of table and chairs and the beautiful chosen seat upholstery. Image source


    15Rough wall texture, rough seat upholstery fabric and authentic floor tiles.   Image source


    1Beautiful color combination of the plastered walls, floor tiles and wooden furniture.   Image source


    13Peaceful and pure.Concrete floor, plastered walls and wooden bench. Interior design by Benoit Viaene.   Image source


    3Pure vignette.   Image source


    6Handcrafted wooden furniture and interior fittings designed by Danish design studio Oeo specifically for the showroom of the Danish wooden plank manufacturer Dinesen.   Image source


    10 The white and neurtral color palette and natural materials create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in the loft of Belgian yoga teacher Elsie MatthijssensImage source


    12This vignette by one of my favorite LA based interior designers, Kathleen Clements, speaks for itself : ‘pure and simple’.   Image source


    Wishing you a peaceful and warm weekend !



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    Jacqueline Morabito is a talented French designer, who not only designs interiors but even lighting, objects and jewellery.

    When I discovered pictures of her home in Provence, I was enchanted by the serenity of its interior. It is clean, simple and pure, not overly decorated.

    Jacqueline’s retreat, an 18th century home, is situated on the French Riviera, north of Nice, where she grew up.

    The designer mixed old furniture and objects with a contemporary design, on a backdrop of chalky whites and natural fabrics.

    White is the dominant colour throughout the house.

    Living room11The two white sofas on the first-floor salon are from Morabito’s Classique range. Two 18th-century circular paintings hang on the wall.


    Kitchen-dining room10Kitchen appliances are hidden behind the breakfast bar, while a vintage Venetian chandelier hangs above metal furniture.


    Cozy corner5Mix of old, vintage and new.


    Bedroom8ln the main bedroom, the bed has been recessed into an alcove.


    All white powder room6


    The façade of the 18th century home9


    Jacqueline Morabito at work in her attic studio.13

    To see more of the work of this talented French designer, please visit her website

    Source images here – Photography by Martin Morrell



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    As I am blogging since a few years now, I came across the websites and magazine features of so many American interior designers and I am always pleased to see that the work of a lot of them is often influenced by the Belgian design style.

    Whether it is the serene and modest style of Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen, or the Wabi Sabi style interiors of Belgian decorator and trendsetter Axel Vervoordt, or the sumptuous, rustic and timeless interiors of Walda Pairon, a lot of American designers are inspired by Belgian interior design.

    AV1Wabi Sabi style interior by Axel Vervoordt   Photo credit Peter Baes   Image with permission of Peter Baes


    VVD1Interior by Vincent Van Duysen. Serene and modest design.   Photo credit Juan Rodriguez   Image source website Vincent Van Duysen 


    WP1Sumptuous and timeless design by Walda Pairon.   Photo credit Claude Smekens   Image source MILIEU


    We can’t deny that Belgian linen slipcovered and upholstered seats were introduced to the world by Axel Vervoordt years ago, and we still see them used in today’s interiors.


    Today I would love to share with you images of the interiors of two American designers whose work I do love (Of course there are a lot more American designers whose work I love - I will blog about them in later posts). I really can feel the Belgian influence going through their portfolio.

    The first is Miami based designer Briggs Edward Solomon.

    His style is clean, timeless and luxurious, using a neutral color palette.

    BES3Interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon   Image source Briggs Edward Solomon


    BES4Interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon   Image source Briggs Edward Solomon


    BES2Interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon   Image source Briggs Edward Solomon


    BES5Interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon   Image source Briggs Edward Solomon


    BES6Interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon   Image source Briggs Edward Solomon


    BES10Interior design by Briggs Edward Solomon   Image source Briggs Edward Solomon


    To see more of the interiors of Briggs Edward Solomon,

    please visit his website Briggs Edward Solomon.


    LA based, mother-and-son team, designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements are also one of my favorite design teams. I do love their sophisticated design and use of rustic furniture, accessories and artwork.

    KC1Interior design by Kathleen & Tommy Clements   Image source Clements Design


    KC5Interior design by Kathleen & Tommy Clements   Image source Clements Design


    KC7Interior design by Kathleen & Tommy Clements   Image source Clements Design


    KC4Interior design by Kathleen & Tommy Clements   Image source Clements Design


    KC2Interior design by Kathleen & Tommy Clements   Image source Clements Design


    To see more of the work of Kathleen & Tommy Clements,

    please visit their website Clements Design.


    Are you looking for some pieces of furniture to give your home the Belgian look ? I would strongly recommend you to visit the websites of DMITRIY& CO and PATINA STYLE. Whether you love a clean and sophisticated or a more rustic and timeless design style, I am sure you will find what you are looking for !


    D1Seating furniture by DMITRIY & CO  


    D17Chelsea Square Sofa by DMITRIY & CO


    D6Seine Sofa by DMITRIY & CO


    D15Chelsea Square Deep Sofa by DMITRIY & CO


    D7Sablon Sofa by DMITRIY & CO


    D10Leon Club Chair by DMITRIY & CO


    D2Seine Bed by DMITRIY & CO


    D9Furniture and objects by DMITRIY & CO 


    D20William IV mahogany bookcase  - England, circa 1835 DMITRIY & CO


    D22Pine Dolomites table - Dolomites region Italy, late 18th C/early 19th C DMITRIY & CO


    D23Dark teak wood coffee table on iron base DMITRIY & CO


    D24Work of Art by French artist Monique Chicot (Acrylic on Canvas) DMITRIY & CO




    133 W 25 STREET SUITE 2E NYC 10001



    G8Seating furniture by Patina Style


    G1Courtney Sofa by Patina Style


    G2Alix Sofa by Patina Style


    G13Charlie Chair by Patina Style


    G3Leila Chair by Patina Style


    G4Nick Swivel Chair by Patina Style


    G10Home of Brooke Giannetti, author of the blog Velvet & Linen and owner of Patina Style - Furniture and objects by Patina Style


    G618th C. Catalan table Patina Style


    G7Tuscan cupboard Patina Style


    G5French wine table Patina Style




    11980 San Vicente Suite 101 Los Angeles CA 90049


    Wishing you a wonderful week.



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    When my good friend Eddy Dankers from Dankers Decor told me about the collaboration he started with Ruth Gay of Houston based company Chateau Domingue, I knew I had to inform my US readers about this wonderful news!

    The past few years I received many questions of my American readers and followers about our Belgian mural painting techniques, especially about where to find and how to apply lime paint. I noticed that until now it was very hard to find these Belgian paint products in the US, not to mention the sought-after artisan painters !

     Chateau Domingue, founded in 2002 by proprietor Ruth Gay, has become one of the premier importers of reclaimed and aged architectural elements and monumental antiques in the United States. Ruth is traveling to Europe several times a year to find the most beautiful and unusual architectural and monumental antiques. Private customers, architects and interior designers are the most welcome to visit her 15,000 square feet Houston located showroom, where she displays all her exquisite finds.

    In addition to European reclaimed elements and antiques, Chateau Domingue will offer its customers the Dankers Decor exquisite paint products, unveiling the secrets of Belgian artisanal painting techniques. Ruth and her staff now offer you a full range of products and services, creating the possibility to decorate your home in the Belgian style.

    At Dankers Decor own academy, team members of Chateau Domingue are trained in the company culture, techniques, tradition and artistic skills, enabling them to bring over this craftsmanship to the US in order to work closely with local project partners on specific interior design projects.


    Dankers Decor, Artisan paintersDankers 2Dankers Decor   Image source Dankers Decor website


    Let me introduce you to Dankers Decor.

    Dankers Decor is a family business that operates around the globe, offering their services on location anywhere in the world. From farm estates to mansions, monasteries to palaces and churches…Dankers artisan painters create to tell a story.

    This firm's history goes back for two generations. The ‘Dankers’ family name has been linked to professional painting for centuries. Family trees and old documents show that the Dankers family has been in the painting industry starting from the 17th century. The Dankers paint company was founded by the parents of current owner Eddy Dankers. While father Dankers worked as an artisan painter, his wife - who had an eye for subtle woven textiles and textures – provided many interiors with beautiful window treatment and appropriate upholstery fabrics. Eddy and his sister Vera followed in their parents’ footsteps and even today they are working complementary, bringing their customers a complete story of matter and texture.

    Eddy Dankers, owner of the company, is proud to pass on his passion for craftsmanship to his dedicated team.

    As purveyor to the royal household, Dankers is working on royal patrimonial and national heritage projects as well as on private commissions. The company collaborates with famous national and international designers.

    Dankers Decor is innovative in producing wall and floor finishes with unique color shades and depth. The Dankers team creates unique textures inspired by nature, tradition and life itself, bringing many long-forgotten techniques back to life. A continuing search for pigments from all kind of sources, together with the company’s expertise and year-long experience results in creating new textures, in recreating the old ones and in creating new trends in interior finishes.

    Dankers ecological products are 100% natural and breathable. Discover the full range of products at AD Applications, a Dankers subsidiary with global reach.



    Plastered walls and “Cocciopesto” floor (dating back to the ancient Roman Empire), which is a combination of crushed brick dust and lime, requiring a labor intensive process but giving a beautiful result.Dankers 5Dankers Decor   Image source AD Applications - Photo credit Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus


    Dankers 1Dankers Decor  Image source Dankers Decor website


    The lime painted wall texture refines the fabulous color palette used in this bedroom.Dankers 6Dankers Decor   Image source AD Applications - Photo credit Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus


    Dankers 3Dankers Decor   Image source Dankers Decor website


    Axel Vervoordt commissoned Dankers Decor to take care of mural paintings and flooring, as he had in mind to create the Wabi-Sabi style interior of the Tribeca Greenwich Hotel Penthouse in NY.

    6The penthouse on top of Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Greenwich Hotel, New York City.   Image source here - Photo credit Nicolas Koenig


    7The penthouse on top of Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Greenwich Hotel, New York City.   Image source here - Photo credit François Halard


    8The penthouse on top of Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Greenwich Hotel, New York City.   Image source here  - Photo credit François Halard


    I might guess that a lot of you will have seen and enjoyed the images of Calvin Klein’s Miami Beach house that is for sale and that made the tour around the internet the previous weeks.

    Yes indeed!!! Dankers Decor took care of all the mural and floor textures of this gorgeous residence,  decorated by Axel Vervoordt.

    Notice the Venetian mural plaster technique here.5Miami beach house of Calvin Klein.   Image source here via Douglas Elliman Real Estate


    Walls, ceiling and limed floor. All by Dankers Decor.1Miami beach house of Calvin Klein.   Image source here via Douglas Elliman Real Estate


    3Miami beach house of Calvin Klein.   Image source here via Douglas Elliman Real Estate


    2Miami beach house of Calvin Klein.   Image source here via Douglas Elliman Real Estate


    4Miami beach house of Calvin Klein.   Image source here via Douglas Elliman Real Estate


    A small selection from the wide range of mural textures by Dankers Decor. Dankers mural textures


    Are you an interior designer, an architect or a private customer, living in the US, and you would love to have more information about the Dankers products and painting techniques, please contact Chateau Dominque for all your inquiries. I am sure the team of Chateau Domingue will be pleased to help you.

    Chateau Domingue logo

    3615 West Alabama – Houston, Texas 77027


    For all Europeancountries, please contact Dankers Decor 

    Dankers Logo

    Nonnenstraat 36 - 2560 Nijlen





    All images and text courtesy of Eddy Dankers - Dankers Decor

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    One of the latest Beta-Plus pulications is the fabulous book about the Belgian architect Olivier Dwek, titled ‘Olivier Dwek - Architectures’,

    This book showcases ten remarkable projects of architect Olivier Dwek, who is of British origin, born in Brussels in 1970.

    His work includes private homes as well as public projects, both at home and abroad.

    He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, before entering the Victor Horta Faculty of Architecture at the Free University of Brussels in 1990.

    In 2000, Olivier Dwek started his own architecture firm in Brussels.

    Olivier Dwek designs prestigious boutiques and galleries, refurbishes former factories, creates lofts, renovates private townhouses and mansions and builds new contemporary and exclusive residences.

    His work has been featured in numerous Belgian and international magazines.


    One of the projects shown in the book is this 19th century built residence that has retained its majestic, classical elements: mouldings, fireplaces, wide archways and windows with curved contours.

    3In the sitting room, a classical wall has been opened up on either side of the fireplace, forming two entrances to a library designed by the architect.   Image source Olivier Dwek– Photo credit Serge Anton Photographs


    1 Image source Olivier Dwek– Photo credit Serge Anton Photographs

    Contemporary inserts in a classical context.

    Several icons of modernist architectural design.

    5  Image source Olivier Dwek– Photo credit Serge Anton Photographs


    2 Image source Olivier Dwek– Photo credit Serge Anton Photographs


    Ten remarkable projects by the young architect Olivier Dwek.

    BookCover of the book ‘Olivier Dwek Architectures’Beta-Plus Publishing

    Photography: Serge Anton. Texts: Marie Pok


    To see a preview of the book, please click here.

    Website Olivier Dwek Architectures :




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    This beautiful house, located in the outskirts of Antwerp, was built in the late 90’s by the famous Belgian architect Raymond Rombouts and is now for sale.

    It is centered on a domain of approximately 10 Ha and optional 60 Ha including a hunting lodge.

    The choice of materials and the quality-conscious finish of the house are witnessing a large professional knowledge and love for cultural values.

    Immoweb 1 Authentic, reclaimed architectural materials and elements are determining the Belgian style of the exterior as well as of the interior of the house.


    Immoweb 5The entrance is impressive with a centuries-old ceiling and a beautiful authentic church flooring.


    Immoweb 3Library with gorgeous painted built-in bookcases and paneling by Axel Vervoordt.

    The parquet floors seen throughout the house originate from different castles.

    Immoweb 2The dining room with ‘red velvet’ lime painted walls, features a high ceiling, a beautiful parquet floor and painted bookcases.


    Immoweb 6The charming kitchen with professional La Cornue stove, surrounded by ‘Hollandse witjes’ tiles.


    Immoweb 7The property domain.


    For more pictures and information, please CLICK HERE.

    All images



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    Recently I came across the House & Garden Top 100 leading UK interior designers list. Absolutely all talented designers, each of them with their specific portfolio. From traditional to contemporary and modern design.

    Today I shared only a few of the Top 100 UK designers.

    Be sure to see them all at The House & Garden website here .


    Nicky Dobree 1Nicky Dobree   Image source here   Photo credit Philip Vile


    Chester Jones 1Chester Jones   Image source here    Photo credit Andreas von Einsiedel


    Paolo Moschino 1Paolo Moschino   Image source here   Photo credit Clive Nichols/Simon Upton


    Alidad 1    Alidad   Image source here


    MHZ1Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi   Image source here   Photo credit Simon Upton 


    Marion Lichtig 1Marion Lichtig   Image source here   Photo credit Paul Massey


    Sims Hilditch 1Emma Sims-Hilditch   Image source here  


    Caroline Holdaway   Image source here   Photo credit Simon Brown


    Rita Konig 1Rita Konig   Image source here   Photo credit Craig Fordham


    Robert Carslaw 1Robert Carslaw   Image source here


    Edgerston House Scotland/Todhuter EarleTodhunter Earle   Image source here


    Janine Stone 1Janine Stone   Image source here  


    Christopher Vane Percy 1Christopher Vane Percy   Image source here   Photo credit Grace Vane Percy


    Rivière 1Rivière Interiors   Image source here   Photo credit Elizabeth Zeschin


    Alexander Waterworth 1Alexander Waterworth   Image source here   Photo credit Emily Andrews


    To see the full list of the House & Garden Top 100 leading UK designers, click HERE.

    You need some time to visit all these designers websites!




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  • 07/21/15--03:24: Summer break

    After a busy year, we all need to slow down, relax and reload batteries.

    Time to enjoy the garden !


    7Summer vignette in our garden.


    8Alley of plane trees and ‘Aspirin’ roses.




    Let’s hope the weather gods will bless us with nice weather the coming days !


    After having done some gardening jobs, as trimming hedges,…


    …time to relax.


    Having barbecues with friends and family.



    Enjoying the blooming hydrangeas.



    Or taking a nap in our orchard.


    I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Summer Break !

    And a Happy 21st of July to all my Belgian friends and readers !




    All pictures by me

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  • 07/31/15--01:17: Six Year Blog Anniversary

    Today is the six year blog anniversary of Belgian Pearls.

    I still can’t believe that I am blogging all these years. I am very grateful for all the things I have experienced since I started my blog in 2009. I met with many wonderful people from around the world, some of whom I became good friends with.

    A sincere thank you for the support and encouragement from all of you, my dear readers !

    If you weren't there, Belgian Pearls would have no meaning at all.


    As I mentioned in my earlier blogpost, I do try to slow down a bit these days, enjoying to be outside in the garden and trying to accompany my horse Mango as much as I can.




    To end this post, I would love to share with you a gorgeous and moving tribute to the African lion Cecil who was killed by a hunter last week. The beautiful tribute is written by Rosemary Wright from Toronto, author of the blog ‘A Beating Heart’.

    Please click HERE to read Rosemary’s tribute to Cecil.

    ‘I AM CECIL’

    4Image source blog ‘The Beating Heart’



    Talk to you soon !



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  • 08/06/15--03:05: Zara Home Collections

    Have you visited the Zara Home website lately ? No? You should !

    This summer I discovered their gorgeous Milano Collection. The Zara team presented this collection in a wonderful and inspirational setting! The entire Milano Collection consisting of tableware, bed and bath linen and accessories, is to discover in the Milano Collection Lookbook. Each image in the book is equipped with a ‘shop the look’ button, referring to all Zara Home products shown on the picture. Very useful !


    1Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    16Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    2Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    3Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    6Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    4Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    15Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    5Zara Home Milano Collection   image source Zara Home Milano Collection lookbook


    The Zara Home Autumn – Winter 2015 Collection looks also very promising ! You can watch a campagne video of this latest collection here.

    To shop the entire collection, browse the Autumn – Winter 2015 catalogue here.


    7Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    14Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    13Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    12Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    11Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    9Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    10Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue


    8Zara Home Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection   image source Autumn-Winter 2015 catalogue




    I hope I inspired you by introducing you to these Zara Home collections.



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